Who Are We?

Turning “do it yourself” into “done for you” for over 20 years!

Let’s quickly get our credentials out of the way. Our history begins in 1986. That was when Atlanta Technologies, Inc. (ATI) was created. In the early 1990s, it won the support contract for the Space Shuttle Payload Management system and in 1992, the Florida office of ATI and the support contract with NASA was purchased by inetUSA’s current CEO and the company was renamed as The Network Group.

In late 1995, the ban on using the Internet for commercial use was lifted. During 1996, TNG worked to determine what role we might play in this new arena. We started by creating inetUSA as our Internet brand early in 1997. We became a “Dial-Up ISP”, selling modem-based access to the Internet alongside such companies as AOL and Earthlink and eventually sold that aspect of our business to Earthlink to focus solely on the software side of the rapidly developing Internet market.

In 2000, we created one of the world’s first “Do It Yourself” website products, our famous One Click Website. Over 30,000 websites have been created using that tool spanning multiple versions and revisions. Obviously, we’ve been at this for a while and, like the TV commercial says, we know a thing or two about a thing or two ? Heck, we have several members of our team that have been part of inetUSA’s family far longer than lots of today’s Internet companies have been in business and several customer relationships that date back to our earliest days, so we must be doing it right.

In 2017, we began to focus more on “Done For You” vs “Do It Yourself”. The requirements to keep up with the pace of growth for our target customer’s businesses meant that they had less and less time to do what was needed to create and maintain a website. We decided to embrace the WordPress platform for all future website development because so many amazing capabilities and add-ons were being created everyday to expand the capabilities of the WordPress software. Our objective has always been to deliver the best results for our clients, not to keep re-inventing the wheel. When we made the switch to focus on “Done For You”, we took the time to talk to our customers and see what else we could help them with and they shared lots of information with us about their challenges and where we could help.

Here’s What They Shared With Us

We found that most of our clients were struggling.

They were facing a set of ever more confusing, always-moving targets. The “big players” in their communities or the overall markets in which they were trying to compete were winning because they just threw money (mostly other people’s money) at the challenges and that was making it a non-winnable numbers game. We knew that would not be a sustainable model as did our despairing clients.

To help us begin to create solutions to help them compete, we separated the challenges into the specific areas shown below and dug deeper for their issues in each of these areas. Among many other thing, we learned …

  • Printing – Creating brochures, flyers, business cards, postcards and other printed materials was both time-consuming, expensive and often not in our client’s wheelhouses, especially as far as creating compelling content.
  • Mailing – Even if they felt they had created good printed material, navigating the confusing regulations, services and permitting processes the U.S. Postal Service to get acceptable results at affordable prices was a big problem.
  • Website Creation & Hosting – This was a confusing area with lots of options – all of which were moving targets and yesterday’s correct answer often became today’s ticket to the poorhouse.
  • Telemarketing – We also learned that telephone work was very time consuming. They were often spending huge amounts of time on the phone and only achieving disappointing even disturbing results.
  • Target and List Management – Finding the right people to target with their messages was also a problem and they were often frustrated by poor results from mailing lists they purchased and sadly, all too often, they’d buy lists and just not know how best to use them, so they’d do nothing.
  • Email Communications – Their attempts at email marketing were not only not getting them much traction or action and even worse, they were frequently getting blacklisted as spammers.
  • Social Media – If websites were a quagmire of confusion, social media was the great abyss and far more challenging. Between Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+ (now defunct), Snapchat, Tumblr, Pinterest and Reddit (just to name a few), this was truly a tower of babble and most of our folks were simply not engaging other than maybe having a personal Facebook page.
  • Branding & Image Management – In general, most of them simply didn’t have a “big picture” approach to their market identity efforts and generally didn’t have a cohesive overall plan to generate the results they wanted.

So … that’s the information we had when inetUSA decided to literally “bet the farm” on our ability to address these problems, help them succeed and expand our business around providing these services. That’s why we created the inetUSA Symphony of Marketing. Our focus is on providing valuable and comprehensive solutions in each of these areas, allowing our target customers – small and medium sized businesses to become and remain competitive without having huge payrolls, large teams, comprehensive knowledge of the needed skills to provide the services and above all, the time to do it right – or at all.

That’s where we are today. We realize that what set out to accomplish is a big challenge, but we’d be delighted to show you how we do it and help you learn more about why trusting inetUSA to help you build your future.

Get in touch with one of our experienced marketing consultants today and be on your way to spending more time focusing on what matters: your business!