Providing Great Support Means EVERYTHING to inetUSA!

When our company was founded in 1993 – long before there was anything called the Internet – one of the guiding principals it was built on was that our support staff had to always be 100% capable of supporting every product or service we sold or represented.  In any instance where we have created products or services that we ultimately realized were proving too difficult to support or too challenging for our clients to implement, we have always upgraded them with better solutions, even if that meant sacrificing revenue.  Here’s a quick story that demonstrates a great example of our commitment to delivering the best possible service.

In 1999, before WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento, WIX, SquareSpace or any of the other do it yourself website creation products existed, inetUSA was already building websites for our customers using our groundbreaking ONE CLICK WEBSITE (OCW) website-building product.  From 1999 until late 2016, we made ongoing and constant improvements to that product – including three major version updates.  Over that same period, we also turned on over 30,000 websites using OCW.  However, we realized that while we had a very cool product and thousands of well-served and well-satisfied clients using it, we were falling behind in regard to features, functionality and ease of use.While it was obviously a difficult (and costly) choice, in late 2016, we decided to switch to using WordPress for our clients, based on our belief that this would provide them with the be and build the necessary expertise to manage their sites using that framework.  Today, we have rolled over most of our existing clients to new WordPress sites.  Later this year, we will complete that process and finally shut down the OCW server, creating a bittersweet ending for this pioneering product in the history of the Internet.  However, it’s important to note that throughout this period of transition, our support team has fully supported both platforms and will continue to do so as long as we are using OCW.

Today, inetUSA’s dedicated support team represents OVER FIFTY YEARS of experience in the support of our products and service.

We take great pride in this great team and guarantee you’ll feel well cared for by our friendly folks!