Great Logos Identify The World’s Great Companies

No matter where you live or visit around the world, McDonald’s Golden Arches are there to greet you!

In today’s business world it is essential to tell the world who you are in a memorable way while leaving a good first impression and a logo will do all of that. Your logo is the face of your company. It derives its meaning from and helps to define the quality of products and services it symbolizes.

A great logo is immediately recognizable, distinctive, simple, timeless, versatile and appropriate. Our designers at inetUSA understand the importance of your logo and it’s important role in your overall Symphony of Marketing.

We also know that a logo that captures who and what you are all about is not a “cookie cutter” design, but rather one that truly expresses YOU at a glance or is simply memorable such as some of the ones shown in the image to the right.

Our design process.

Designing a GOOD logo is often tough work. Rarely will a perfect idea and execution reveal itself with ease. In an effort to design the best logo for your company we use a 5 step process for all of the logos we design.

1. Get to know you

This step is about getting to know everything about your business. Yes, everything. Without knowing the specifics we can’t begin to efficiently design you a perfect logo.

2. Research & Discovery

In this step we take all the information you have given us and really get to work. We research your audience, target audience, competitors and industry trends. We learn as much as we can about you to give us a wealth of information we can pull from throughout the project.

3. Design

This is when the magic happens, ideas fly, brains storm and no stone is left unturned. At the end of all of the chaos the best ideas get brought to fruition.

4. Presentation & Refinement

Ideas and concepts are presented. Refinements are made based on your feedback and our expertise until the logo is ready for the world to see.

5. Deliver

We deliver you a well thought out package of your logos files to be used for any project.

Need assistance finding your audience? Our team can help!